martes, 29 de junio de 2010

English summer courses for everybody

Hi everyone!

Have you ever thought staying abroad for a summer holiday without your parents? Without your children? On your own? And the most important, have you ever thought staying abroad for a summer holiday learning English?

As an English teacher, I can tell you that, if you want to improve your English, there isn´t any better method than staying in a foreign country for a period of time. It is true that a summer holiday is not enough, but maybe it is a good oportunity not only to speak a new language, but also to make new friends, get another culture´s customs like gastronomy, folklore....

There are some good companies or English academies that organize English summer courses during the months of July and August. They try to focus these courses at different levels.
On one hand, they offer courses for children and teenagers. During their stay in the foreign country, they live in a house with a British family and attend classes at school everyday. At the weekends some guided tours or visits to nearby places are organized for free.
The most common destinatios are England, Scotland, Ireland, Malta, United States, Canada and even Australia. It also depends on the age of the students and their parents´decision.
The same courses are offered for adults. The differences with children and teenagers ones are related to prices, timetables or cultural activities...
At the end of the course, the student gets a certificate issued by the company with the content, hours and final grade.

If you have decided to get a summer course, there exist MEC grants. These grants are assigned to students or scholars from sixteen to thirty years old. If you are interested on this, you have to contact to Ministerio de Educación.

Here you have some links that can serve you if you are looking for English summer courses.
Good luck and have a nice holiday!